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What can you expect from therapy?


It can be hard trying to cope on your own. Talking to a trained professional helps you make sense of your thoughts and feelings and it means you have somebody on your side while you face difficult times. My approach is psychodynamic, which means I explore with you both your conscious and your unconscious mind in order to facilitate long-lasting change.

Therapy can be arranged to last a set number of sessions if you want to address a specific issue. For more complex problems it may be better to work with an open-ended contract. This means that the therapy continues for as long as you need it. During the first session we decide together what feels most appropriate for you. 

Sessions take place at a regular time each week and last 50 minutes.




Juliane Thieme

St Olav's Court

Canada Water

SE16 2XB

Call 07738 737 864

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